Since 2008 we've been helping our clients.  They bring us an array of issues and we use our experience to solve their problems.  Our roles include trustee, conservator, special needs trustee, successor trustee or agent, representative payee and others.


We are appointed as trustees on cases overseen by The Superior Court.  In addition, we administer non-court family and individual trusts.  Our business background can be advantageous to business owners.  


The Superior Court appoints us as conservators for people who are unable to care for themselves. They may have dementia, experienced financial elder abuse or are living in unhealthy circumstances.  All conservatorships, due to the requirements of the Probate Code and the serious need for care of the individual and their estate, are always overseen by The Superior Court.

Special Needs Trustee

We manage special needs trusts for handicapped people. This involves needs assessment, budgeting, coordination with investment professionals, interacting with agencies such as the Social Security Administration, the Housing Authority, the Regional Centers, Medi-Cal, and making purchase decisions.

Successor Trustee or Agent on Behalf of a Client

As successor trustees and agents, we serve clients who live at a distance from their families, single people and couples who don't have relatives.  We offer tailored services that help them age in place in their homes and maintain as much independence as possible. 

Representative Payees

Representative payee work involves the management of Social Security income for our clients, budgeting, paying rents and bills.  We vary the delivery of funds, depending on the individual's ability to use money.  Weekly, twice monthly and monthly deliveries are available. 

Financial and/or Medical Power of Attorney

Holding power of attorney - either financial, medical or both - enables us to make legal decisions and gives us the power to act in your place.  We do our best to understand your wishes before signing on.  A detailed conversation is necessary before we sign on to powers of attorney.

Custom Assignments

Confidential, customized work is often done for clients who require a special assignment. We adjust to meet your needs. Please ask - we will find a way.

Our Mission

We offer individualized support and accurate management of estates.  

We strive to work only with clients we believe will benefit from our services.  

We use a combination of technology and people to solve problems, protect assets, and provide services that help our clients enjoy their lives.  

We respect our clients' privacy, diversity, and individuality.   

What We've Achieved

  • We've managed millions of dollars for hundreds of clients.
  • In 2013, we received an "Excellent" audit rating regarding our representative payee services from the Social Security Administration.


  • We have a combined background of 60+ years in business. 
  • We hold 5 university degrees and 2 California Licensed Professional Fiduciary licenses.