You want a trusted advisor.  That's what we are.  The type of role we take on depends on you and your needs. 

TRUSTEE.  As trustee, we may be court-appointed or appointed by you.  In either case, your trust is the GPS that guides us.  We will pay bills, oversee investment professionals, maintain a residence or rental property, run a business, and distribute funds to beneficiaries. 

CONSERVATOR.  As court-appointed conservators we are responsible for overseeing the details of a person's life and/or their estate. We make decisions about their place of residence, activities, medical appointments, home care and more.  We work with bankers, financial professionals, insurance agents, realtors, contractors, and vendors to make decisions and manage assets.

POWER of ATTORNEY.  Holding financial or medical power of attorney gives us the ability to conduct business for you.  We can pay bills, make certain financial decisions, advocate on your behalf when you are in the hospital, and communicate your wishes to your physician or nurse. 

CONSULTANT.  You may want to talk with us, ask questions and listen to an experienced trustee's suggestions.  We consult with adult children of elderly parents, handicapped persons, individuals who have just received a special needs trust, or families of memory-impaired individuals.  We are advocates and problem-solvers.  Our time is available in hour and half-hour increments.

CASE MANAGER.  Case management services are tailored to the individual.  Please contact us so that we can discuss a service level that keeps you safe and encourages your independence.

REPRESENTATIVE PAYEE.  Our non-profit, Practical Heart, is authorized to take on the management of Social Security funds.  Most often these services are coupled with case management or a conservatorship.