You need a trustee.  You want someone who will listen, who you feel safe with, who will protect what you've worked hard to build, and who works smoothly with attorneys, CPAs and other professionals.  As trustees, we strive to understand and meet beneficiaries' needs. The trust document is our GPS, telling us what to do.  Our skill is finding the best way to do it.

If you're an adult child of elderly parents or relatives, you've come to the right place.  Maybe your parent has received a diagnosis of Alzheimer's.  Or perhaps phone conversations may not be providing your elderly aunt with enough support, but you're not sure what comes next.  We can help with starter services such as bill payment, daily money management (with a window into the account so you can see what's happening), graduating to trust and estate administration.  If needed, we can be appointed as conservators. 

Maybe you've lost your spouse or have no close relatives.  We often act as successor trustees and/or hold power of attorney for clients who are widowed, single or whose family lives in another state or country. Our relationship might start with a discussion about your current challenges and opportunities.  We can help with changes to Social Security, bank accounts, pensions and retirement accounts and set up a financial structure.

If you're a special needs trust beneficiary or the family of an SNT beneficiary, we can help.  Trustees who follow the trust document and know their way around agencies such as Social Security and Medi-Cal are critical.  We administer SNTs with an eye toward maintaining the safety and independence of the beneficiary.  

Whether you are our client or a family member, you are important.  Your life and well-being matter to us.